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Our mission is to transcend perceived boundaries, creating distinct, trendsetting automotive designs that inspire and create new forms of self expression. Who are we About Miro Sutai

JSutai is an innovative automotive design and consulting firm. We specialize in creating unique aesthetically pleasing designs for automobiles, supplying inventive solutions for our clients. We provide expert advice enabling custom projects, whether moderate or extreme, to be realized; furthermore, we assist with implementing our vision.

We have specialized knowledge in all elements of proper fitment including wheels, tires, suspension systems and setup. Additionally, we offer creative solutions for wheel refinishing. Our utmost professionalism combined with our topflight resources, ensures that our customers are beyond satisfied.

Keep in touch! You can always contact us at info@jsutai.com or call (203) 870-1065

Miro's passions have long been rooted in the modification of cars. He believes the customization of these vehicles is cutting-edge art, and the vehicles serve as the canvas for his unique style. Miro possesses an innate ability to incorporate design, color and technical knowledge into a truly unequalled masterpiece. His meticulous precision ensures every project is completed as he has envisioned it. Miro has always been confident in his style, sharing his innovative and unorthodox visions with his peers who exclaim, "You're crazy, that will never work!" Sooner than later, they are amazed (when his visions come to fruition. Miro is fully aware that his unconventional nature contradicts the status quo; nevertheless, he will continue to defy the limits of what is currently considered acceptable or even possible.

Contact Miro Sutai: miro@jsutai.com or see what Miro is up to at facebook.com/jsutai

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