Mark’s 2010 Chevy Cruze

When Mark approached us, he knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish; however, he wasn’t exactly sure how to achieve it. There is little support from the aftermarket industry for this particular platform, therefore creativity and ingenuity was key, which is where JSUTAI truly shines. We sourced, installed and modified every part on this project, from the custom drilled and refinished Rotiform wheels to custom suspension components. Ensuring that every part was functional, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing was a difficult task. We are happy to say this came out quite well for such an uncommon platform with a funky 5×105 bolt pattern, and rather small wheel wells. When Mark picked up the car, it was better than he envisioned, a low and flush yet reliable everyday cruiser. We aren’t finished with this Chevy quite yet so keep a eye out in the upcoming months…

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